Health Certificate

Objective: to provide a reliable and secure certificate, with a guarantee of confidentiality of patient data

Cost efficient and unforgeable solution for medical document authenticity certification, with biometrics option:

  • A Visible Electronic Seal (CEV) ships, in numerical format or printed on paper, the biometric data of the patient
  • Immediate, simple and secure user authentication done by our 100% off-line facial recognition technology
  • Includes the highest level of security available on the market thanks to its cryptographic key
  • Allows a complete control by the users of all their data: the user is the sole owner of data, no type of data is registered on any server or any other support that is not the Visible Electronic Seal in itself
  • Complies with the European GDPR (European Union regulation on the use of personal data)
  • Complies with the technical specification of the Otentik 1.0 standard

Our technology has been successfully tested in several countries around the world for different applications: identity documents (passport chips and other official identifications), access control in high-level security sites (defense, sensitive industries, airports, …), authentication online identity, document certification.

Our goal is to bring the safest and most reliable biometric and electronic seal technologies to Mexico to respond to the current challenge of the pandemic.